How to Use This Textbook - For Students

Programming is not a “spectator sport”. It is something you do, something you participate in.

This book is meant to provide you with an interactive experience as you learn to program. You can read the text, watch videos, and write and execute Python code. In addition to simply executing code, there is a unique feature called codelens that allows you to control the flow of execution in order to gain a better understanding of how the program works.

Any time you do not understand why something works the way it does, you need to figure it out before moving on. Many things in programming build upon what you already know, so having gaps in your understanding can make it incredibly difficult to understand future ideas. Ask your teacher, re-read the text, watch the tutorial videos; do whatever you need to do to be sure you really understand what is going on.

I hope this course is an enjoyable experience, and that it gives you an idea of how the computing systems we use every day work!

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