Computer Science Career Paths

This textbook does not attempt to fulfill this outcome.


Explore computer science related career paths in Saskatchewan, Canada and the world.

Indicators For This Outcome

  • Research and describe career choices and trends in computer science in Saskatchewan, Canada and the world.

  • Research which programming languages are prominent in specific computer science sub-fields such as game, website and mobile development.

  • Identify and report on opportunities for experiential learning (e.g., co-op programs, job shadowing and career fairs) in the field of computer science.

  • Inquire into issues of gender equity and diversity of the computer science workplace, considering questions such as “Why are females and certain cultural groups typically underrepresented in the computer science workplace in Saskatchewan?” and “What steps could be take to encourage more females to pursue computer science related careers?”

  • Research and report on postsecondary educational programs leading to careers in information systems and computer science (e.g., institutions offering relevant programs, industry certifications, courses of study, entrance requirements, length of programs and costs).

  • Analyze a specific computer science career in terms of personal suitability, using criteria such as:

    • the training program;

    • the work that graduates of this program are trained to do;

    • the types of facilities in which graduates of this program are employed;

    • typical hours and shifts worked;

    • current wages received in Saskatchewan;

    • physical and mental stresses experienced;

    • workplace hazards and safety considerations;

    • other professionals with whom they interact;

    • continuing education requirements; and

    • professional and/or licensing requirements in Canada and Saskatchewan.

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