Project Overview


Develop a coding project and/or research a topic related to computer science of the student’s choice.

Indicators For This Outcome

  • Create a proposal document for a coding project that includes discussion of the basic premise or problem to be solved, key features and project team members and their roles.

  • Construct a tool (e.g., rubric, checklist, self-evaluation form or peer-evaluation form) to assess the process and products involved in a student-directed study.

  • Develop a coding project using the same or a different programming language than those used in Computer Science 20.

  • Examine an area of collaborative research between computer science and another field.

  • Research the application of computer science in other fields (e.g., art, trades, sciences, mathematics and medicine).

  • Inquire into the current state and/or societal implications of a current trend in computing such as hacking, artificial intelligence, robotics, microcontrollers, game design, cryptography, mobile development or intellectual property.

  • Present the research or project to peers.

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