10. Number Guessing Game (Pair Programming)

Quick Overview of Day

In this pair programming activity, you will create a number guessing game that uses many of the concepts we’ve learned.

This will be your first foray into pair programming. One of you should be at the keyboard and mouse, while the other partner is helping discuss the ideas. Switch roles every 10 minutes.

10.1. Basic Game

For this assignment, you will create a game that does the following:

  • generates a random number from 1 to 100 and stores it in a variable

  • repeats the following until the user guesses the number

  • gets the user to guess the number (using the ask block)

  • tells the user if the number is too high or too low

  • congratulates the user when they guess the correct number with a message such as “Way to go! You guessed the right number in 9 tries!”

When you complete the basic functionality, put up your hand and I’ll tell you how you can make it even better!

If the description above doesn’t make sense to you, here’s a short video of what the basic number guessing game might look like:

10.2. Extensions

Extras that can be added to the basic game:

  • WAY too high/low, if the guess is dramatically far away from the actual number

  • very close, but it’s too high/low, if the guess is really close the actual number

  • STILL too high/low, if the guess is above/below the actual number multiple times in a row

  • only allow specific number of attempts before ending the game

  • CPU/human reverse roles

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